Flexible Packaging - Flexible Film on Rolls

Consumer packaging as mono-or multilayer films with multiple layers of eg BOPP, CPP, PET, PE, PA, etc., metallized ,printed or as a semi-product for further processing (eg, lamination and sterilization) not only protects your final product against pollution, loss of flavor, migration or exposure to light, etc., on the other hand it shows your image media, that encourage clients to buy your products.

We pack your food perfectly. Aroma films, barrier films and much more. are designed specifically for your product and your wishes.
Our specialists will advise you.

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Food Packaging

Standard Products
Vacuum bags, shrink film, tubing, hoses half, flat film, automatic film, laminating film, Needled films Poly-/ Polypropylen-/Monofolie, blanks, butcher paper.
Food industries, bakeries, butcher shops, retail, trade and pharmacies
Processing and Finishing
Individual development for special needs: optimum flatness, maintaining tight tolerances, strict adherence to formulation, gluing- / thermolamination, temperatur- / ultrasealing, sealing it tight and peelable
Our raw materials comply with the most current food regulations and guidelines.

Flexo printing up to 8 colors.
Rotogravure to 10 colors.

» Material


BOPP transparent
BOPP metallized(+ coldseal)
BOPP white
BOPP white-opak (+ Kaltsiegel)
BOPP metallized / white-opaque
BOPP LTS-laque
Antifog BOPP
BOPP matt
laque BOPP Film
PVC (+ hot seal laque)
PET (+ hot seal laque)
PET metallized
PE white
Deep Freeze Packaging

The purchase decision of your customers is determined primarily by a refined product design and the associated presentation.

The functionality of our barrier films hold any quality test. Special tests optimize our frozen slides.

Flexo printing up to 8 colors
Rotogravure to 10 colors

» Material

Double Layer Composite

BOPP+BOPP metallized (+KS)
BOPP+BOPP pearlized (+KS)
BOPP+BOPP white - opaque (+KS)
BOPP+BOPP white (+KS)
BOPP+CPP metallized
BOPP+PVC (+ hot sealing laque)
BOPP matt + BOPP metallized
BOPP matt + CPP
BOPP metallized + PE
Freshness Guarantee

Perfect quality to enjoy your snacks and chips in a friendly round with friends. Your products will always stay fresh and crisp.

The PaoloSandro AG will take care of this. Our food technicians are constantly on looking for new and innovative materials, to guarantee your customers a peaceful and pure enjoyment, with our freshness guaranteed films.

Flexo printing up to 8 colors
Rotogravure to 10 colors

» Material

PET+ALU+ hot seal laque
PET metallized + PE
Paper+ALU+ hot seal laque
BOPP+PE peel
PET+PE peel

Minimum quantity
Upon Request
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More variants of:

Triple-layer composite films

BOPP + Paper + PE, BOPP white opaque + ALU + PE, PET + ALU + PE, PET + PET metallized + PE, Paper + ALU + CPP, Paper + ALU + PE, BOPP metallized PET + + PE, PET + BOPP metallized + PE.

Four-layer composite films
BOPP + Paper + ALU + PE, BOPP BOPP + white + ALU + PE, PET + PET + ALU + PE Bag

Version of material
Flat, gusseted blocked or stacked, with or without a bottom fold, microperforation Transparent or white PE, CPP + PE. LDPE LLDPE PDER, CPP transparent or metallised BOPP transparent.

Stand and Sachets

More Packaging options