Printing Technology - Films varied and complex

Printing Technology Printing Technology Printing  Technology

With our partners and productions we process approximately 245,000 tons annually blown and cast films.

We have one of the largest capacity in Europe.

In the extruder, the film is "born".
The respective pellets for flexible packaging is alive only through the extrusion phase.
Foils Extrusion

In the extruder the granular raw material is melted by heat and then pressed through a stencil to obtain the later form.

This is cooled down and further processed. We use multi-layer extrusion with very newest technology.

Advanced computer controls allows us to determine film thickness and color accurately and to maintain during the extrusion of the exact values.


We are able to produce up to a width of 1,600 mm and up to 10 colors print 2-sided.

Flexography is the ideal printing method for non-porous materials such as polyethylene or aluminum foil.

Is usually printed on rolls, which will be further processed to the final product.
Printing Technology Printing Technology Printing Technology

Non Woven production

Raw material
With our partners and production facilities in China and Vietnam, we are cooperating successfully for several years.
We use PP / PE with or without recycling materials and PET material made from recycled bottles.

In a complex process, the different materials will be woven in either

Woven and PET
material-woven material-PET
or pressed for NON Woven


The print of the bags is in gravure print on an 18 µ OPP film, which is applied by a special heat / press printing process on the respective PP / PET or non woven material.

This will give you even on an uneven surface an optimum printing result.

Gravure Printing

High-resolution printing on paper and plastic films.
Constant research and development guarantee the highest standard for the design print.

We also realize extremely complex print designs with up to 11 color gravure printing, up to a width of 1,400 mm, and 2-sided.

The gravure print will recite at high quantities and high-quality designs to foil, PP, PET and non woven or paper preferred.

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