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About the company

Since 1989 our company, the paolo sandro ag, is working on one target: to find you the best solution for your advertising. our know how and innovation is your profit!

Every day we develope new solutions together with our clients and partners worldwide.

As a result of long lasting materials and sophisticated design, your bads does not only increase the advertising effectiviness. you can also make a significant contribute to environmental protection.

In business today, the carrying bag, whether of Paper, Foil or reusable materials is an essential part. In recent years, the carrying bags changed from the simple transportation use into an indispensable advertising. This walking ad space gives no limits in design and appearance.

The international network of our group is able to develop individual solutions for your requests.

Thereby our customers benefit from our extensive experience.
Company Values

Your longlasting success and your satisfaction is most important to us. we are working consequently and continiously on your order.

We trust our leadership in our exellent trained staff. A high quality standard is given to permanent education.
We take over responsibility!

We pursue consequently your request. Our competent staff is always on top of new technique and design.

The ultimate aim of our production process is to respekt, protect and preserve the environment.

Simplicity, speed and flexibility
We simplify work processes.
We speed up decition paths.
We react to new markets.

Making and designing
We encourage personal initiative and energetic behaviors and support our employees.

Family treatment
Our teams work in an open, friendly atmosphere. we work together and for each other and especially for you!

we laugh many times, also about ourselves.